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This course is specified for Makeup artists who want to be fully responsible for the Social Media Marketing of their own work. That will be based on academic study with an expert, who has worked on too many medical & cosmetic fields. Besides practical experience on your own work.


  • 27 hours/ 9 sessions

Course content

🔹 Basic Principles of Marketing:

  • Buyer’s journey
  • Marketing mix 4Ps
  • Basics of Digital Marketing


🔹Developing Marketing Strategy by SOSTAC Model

  • Obtaining market research
  • Competitor analysis
  • Situation analysis
  • Targeting audience «STP»
  • How to set Marketing objectives «SMART»
  • How to build the right buyer persona
  • Action plan
  • KPIs and control


🔹Managing Social Media platforms:

« Facebook& Instagram »

  • Creating professional pages and business accounts
  • Pages and accounts management and moderation
  • How to build successful campaigns
  • Tips and tricks


🔹 Running Ads Campaigns on Social Media platforms

« Facebook & Instagram »

  • Identifying Facebook polices
  • Implementing your strategy in creating ads.
  • Various ad forms and when to use each form of them.
  • How to set campaign objectives relating to your business goal.
  • Tips and tricks for improving ads results
  • Discussion of positive ads case studies on social media
  • Ads reporting and insights.


🔹Content creation

  • Basics of creating content helping in achieving your marketing objectives
  • How to identify the suitable tone of voice according to the brand and target audience
  • Various types of content.
  • How to set a content plan.


🔹Graphic Design Principles & tips for model photography 

🔹How to make a professional design/edits & resize photos for social media using the Canva site

🔹Practical application for each participant on his own page


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