Terms and Conditions:

It gives us great pleasure to have you as a participant in one of our MMA training programs. Please review the terms and conditions that help to organize the training process and ensure that you are mindful of your rights and duties in order to achieve the desired result:

Firstly: there are Administrative Terms and Conditions.

  • The academy campus is able to accept trainees at least half an hour before the training begins. The training area, in addition to the services, are the places where the trainee is accepted, provided that and space in the academy has its own privacy.
  • The trainee is not permitted to film any aspect of any training session, whether audio or video, in order to protect the academy’s intellectual property. The trainee is not permitted to exchange any details about his or her educational accounts or the passwords given by the academy with others. Furthermore, the trainee is not authorized to share the training content, distance, electronic, or interactive learning kits, links, service providers, frameworks, or accounts with others. If this term is violated, the violator is liable for liability for moral harm, and the academy is entitled to a fine equal to triple the expense of the training programme as restitution.
  • The campus provides free Internet access to trainees during training hours; but, in order to ensure vocal support, please do not use the Internet outside of the reach of training requirements.

Second, there are financial terms and conditions.

  • Attendance at the training is exclusive to the service receiver whose name is on the registration form and cannot be moved or ceded to another person.
  • The trainee has the right to a full refund on all payments charged if he or she notifies the academy one week before the start date of the training programme.
  • If the trainee did not finish his or her training schedule, he or she could do so within two rounds of the program’s start date. During this two-month cycle, the trainee’s right to request continuation of the programme or a financial settlement is violated.
  • In case the trainee doesn’t continue the programme for any reason, the financial settlement is based on course pricing according to the announced prices during the contracting time where the diploma is constructed from separate courses. As a result, the costs of the courses taken must be removed from the programme payments, and a certificate of completion must be given.
  • Based on the registration electronic communications and the academy’s financial policies, an agreement was reached to pay the fees. If the payments are not charged on schedule, the academy has the right to avoid delivering any or more of its facilities to the trainee.

Third, there are educational words and requirements.

  •  A course/program is deemed passed till the trainee achieves 80% of the final evaluation, which is measured using the following workouts:
  • 20 % of sessions are attended
  • 30% of the time, quizzes
  • More than 50% of projects
  •  Attending three – quarters of each session time is expected or the absence is considered. The academy must be contacted in advance if you wish to exit the session early.
  •  Attendees are moved to another group if the number of attendees in a group is fewer than ten.
  •  If the trainee is late for the training, he or she is not supposed to call for an explanation about what he or she lost out on as a courtesy of his or her punctual colleagues.
  •  Projects are an integral aspect of the curriculum material, and failure to complete them prevents the trainee from progressing.